In Search of the Perfect Dog Bed

I have to admit that confusion is a good term for describing my emotions, when I was scouting the online stores in search of a new dog bed for Eve to sleep on. Her current donut-shaped bed, which seemed immense when she weighed 6 kilos is now way too small for a 30 kg Hovawart to sleep on. The sides of the donut-shaped bed crumple under her weight and she looks comical curled up in a ball inside it.

Consequently, I started my search for a new bed, which turned out to be surprisingly difficult. Surfing on Zooplus I soon realized that I need to set up clear criteria for a suitable bed, as even the most expensive dog sofa isn’t necessarily the best one for the needs of my dog.

What you see here in this post are the results of my analysis on the different types of dog beds out there on the market. Below, I’ve condensed what I learned in a handy infographic. What motivates me to do this is the fact that too many things we buy (for our dogs) unfortunately end up in rubbish and the natural resources wasted in transporting and manufacturing these goods is significant.

Furthermore, if in this case the bed you buy for your dog is not comfortable, she will vote with her paws and sleep on the floor instead (or your bed).

Infographic: 5 Insights into Buying the Perfect Bed for my Dog

Infographic: 5 insights into buying the perfect bed for my dog.

Infographic: 5 insights into buying the perfect bed for my dog. (Click on the image to view it in a larger size.)

How to determine the right bed size for your dog?

In an earlier post we learned how to weigh our dogs regularly. This time we will measure her body length and height to be able to determine right bed size for her. Why we do this is that the bed should be big enough for her to lie fully stretched out on it.

To get rough measurements, please do the following:

  1. Get a tape measure + pen and paper ready.
  2. Wait until your dog is calm and lying on her side on the floor.
  3. Measure her body length from the base of her tail to the tip of her nose.
  4. Mark down her approximate body length.
  5. Measure your dog’s height at her wither’s.
  6. Mark down her approximate body height.

N.B! If your want to measure your dog properly for a dog show for example, you can use this handy guide by Wikihow. The intention here after all is to determine the right bed size.

Dog Size vs. Bed Size

Below, you will find a handy table to see which size bed to buy.

Bed size Body Length in Centimeters
small below 60 cm
medium between 60 and 80 cm
large between 80 and 140 cm

table: Dog size in relation to bed size. (Source Zooplus.)

As you can see above, to be able to find the right size bed for your dog, you will need to know your dog’s approximate body length. The bed sizes on the online stores, such as Zooplus are usually expresed in centimeters as follows: length x width x height.

The bed:

  1. length should be big enough for your dog to lie on it on her side (unless the bed is donut-shaped)
  2. width should be large enough so that her paws don’t stick out
  3. height will tell you either of the thickness of the bed or how tall the sides of the bed are.

What Next?

In this post, I’ve encacapsulated relevant information so that you can make an informed buying decision for your dog’s dream bed. If you want to support this site, please use the link below to get one at Zooplus UK:

Dog Beds on Zooplus UK

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